The Way It Was

Burroughs Farms was a employee recreation park operated by the Burroughs Corporation from 1927 until the late 1980's. It comprised one square mile of paradise on Little Crooked Lake in Brighton, Michigan. It gave employees and their families access to an idylic atmosphere.

Repeated web searches turned up little information about the Farms. It was therefore decided on the 4th of July, 2005 to create this web site to tell the story, share photos and reflections and give former Burroughs employees and family members a forum to keep in touch..

There is an active Facebook fan page for the Farms organized by Beth Chapman Smith. If you're a Facebook member just search for Burroughs Farms.


Remembering Burroughs Farms

We're working to make this site a tribute to the good times Burroughs families enjoyed at "The Farms" in earlier times. We can't do it without your help.

A Recreational Center For Employees of Burroughs Corporation

The Farms was a unique employee "perk" that trumped what the dot coms in the 90's gave their people.

Remember the 4th of July celebrations? Games at the Grandstand, fire engine rides, horse drawn wagon rides, picnics down by the lake, fireworks at dusk over the lake with a flare-lit flag floating down to signify the end. Remember the concession stand? Pixie Stix, buttons, Vernors gingerale and burgers. Remember the deep water slide, the diving boards, the lifeguard station, the shuffleboard courts, the boat rental dock? Remember the rental cottages, the golf course, the tennis courts, movies at the Grandstand, the Dance Hall, the gun club, the boat launching ramp? The Lakes Drive In in Brighton? The movie theater in Howell? Tom & Kates, the Chilson store, Wally the lifeguard, George, turtles & bluegills?

It's all gone now, but not forgotten. Over the next few months we'll be developing a site to tell the stories and remember a simpler time and place. If you have any photos or memories please email them to We're greatful for any and all submissions. Thank you to the people who have already sent photos. Hopefully in 2015 we'll have more up to look at so check back then!